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Most patients who are seeking natural rejuvenation of aging face and neck will seek traditional Face / Neck Lift. Face / Neck Lift procedures are highly personalized based on the patient's goals and anatomic features. For those who are seeking more dramatic correction focused on the neck laxity and restoring the youthful neck contour, face / neck lift procedure will be tailored to achieve these goals.

However, for a subset of patients who present with exceptionally heavy or hanging “turkey-gobbler”, a Neck Lift procedure, also known as direct submentoplasty may be an ideal procedure.


Direct submentoplasty involves direct removal of the excess hanging skin and fat under the chin and neck. This procedure focuses on only the neck area and does not affect jawline or the lower face laxity.

It is by far a more effective way to completely remove the excess skin and fat under the chin and neck than traditional face / neck lift. Along with the removal of skin and fat, the underlying muscle layers (platysma) are typically plicated to further tighten the neck and create a defined neck angle. However, the downside of direct submentoplasty is that the incision involved in the surgery is more conspicuous than the traditional face / neck lift. In direct submentoplasty, the incision is positioned at the front and center of the neck with a slight “Z” pattern, resulting in a potentially visible incision mark.


Direct submentoplasty is limited to the neck, so it is relatively shorter and less invasive surgery than the traditional face / neck lift. Many male patients who are seeking a focused approach to improving the heavy neck elect for direct submentoplasty. Male patients find this procedure also appealing because facial hair and beard often provide camouflage of the incision site, whereas the traditional face / neck lift incisions are located around the ears and make it harder to conceal for male patients with short hair.


Recovery from direct neck lift is relatively shorter than the traditional face / neck lift.

Week 1: Patients should expect some swelling and bruising. Patients do not typically complain of pain, but they should expect some numbness which will resolve over time. One should plan for a restful, relaxing week ideally indoors. Sutures will be removed on day 7 after the surgery.

Week 2: Some patients are almost back to normal by week 2, but most will take another week to fully get back to their normal selves. During week 2, each day rapid improvement (less swelling) will be noted. Some people may be able to return to work sooner than 2 weeks after the surgery. By the end of week 2, patients should expect recovery back to normal and return to work. Incision site may remain visible and red, but touch-up make up at this time can help further camouflage the site. For male patients, facial hair and beard should provide good camouflage.

1-2 Month visit: We return to the photo room and take a full set of photos. Next, we will upload these photos and compare them next to the pre-op photos. This is an exciting day for everyone, and reminds us at our practice why we love what we do.

Lower Facelift - Neck and lower lid blepharoplasty - I used to joke and say I was starting a facelift fund when I was younger. Then I looked in the mirror at 55-years-old and wished I had created that fund. I started the procedure with a consultation and Dr. Kim was amazing and I decided to go ahead with the procedures and I have no regrets! I plan to do more work soon. I had a lower face and neck lift with some lip enhancement and lower lid blepharoplasty.

C. RealSelf

63 Year Old...wanted a Neck Lift - Syracuse, NY - Dr. Kim and his staff were amazing...TRULY! So helpful, professional, caring and competent! And my results were better than I could have hoped for!! The procedure was relatively simple; recovery went very was about one week before I went back to work but I was out and about in 4 days and even went to a concert and dinner 8 days post-op. I am an RN and would recommend Dr. Kim highly! If you are having second thoughts... don't!

4. RealSelf

Dr. Kim’s work is in a class of its own. He’s a magician. - Dr. Kim is a world-class facial plastic surgeon. I’ve been to the top surgeons in the country from Beverly Hills to Miami and I found Dr. Kim to be superior. His face and neck lift were flawless and so natural that no one could tell I had anything done, but everyone said I looked ten years younger. As Syracuse is a discreet location, I would highly recommend anyone who wants a top notch face and neck lift to fly in. His bedside manner is as fantastic as his work. I can’t recommend Dr. Kim enough. I think he is the best Facial plastic surgeon in the country.

S.C. RealSelf


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How much does a neck lift cost?

The cost of your neck lift can be reviewed during your initial consultation with Dr. Sang W. Kim. As soon as he has developed your unique surgical plan, he can estimate prices for the facility, anesthesia, and more. To make your neck lift affordable, Natural Face Clinic takes many payment methods, and we can tell you more about how to get low-interest medical financing.

What about nonsurgical options?

Surgery is the only option to eliminate loose skin, particularly if it hangs or droops. While there are a few nonsurgical skin tightening treatments that can give you some improvements, neck lift surgery can more dramatically redefine and smooth the contours of your neck. A new and popular treatment called KYBELLA reduces fat in the upper neck, which causes a double chin; however, it doesn't correct excess skin.

Will I have visible scars?

Your neck lift will start with an incision below the chin and two more close to the ears. These are placed so the scars are very difficult for others to see. Dr. Sang W. Kim tries very hard during your surgery to minimize visible scarring. You will also be given scar care instructions, encouraging your incisions to heal properly so they are thin and flat.

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