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Facial Surgery for Men

More men are seeking options to maintain or restore youthful appearance. It is becoming more common socially to observe men seeking cosmetic treatments - both surgical and non-surgical.

Aesthetic Goals for Men

Men typically present to the office with specific features that bother them. Because of concern for social stigma, men tend to be more concerned about recovery time, and outcomes that are natural without any tell-tale signs of having “work done”.

In our practice, most common facial surgeries performed for aging male patients are hair transplant, blepharoplasty, face/neck lift, direct neck lift, and midface volumization.

While the technical approach for blepharoplasty, or eyelid procedure, are similar for both men and women, goals of outcome are different. For example, men tend to present with heavier brow and hooding eyelids which will be improved surgically. However, it is important that the surgery does not over-correct and over-lift the eyelids or the brows. This can result in unnatural, startled appearanced that do not bode well for older male patients. Women can often tolerate or prefer brows and eyelids that are lifted higher than men.

Similarly, men typically prefer to achieve or restore strong facial contour at the chin and jawline in line with masculine proportions of the face.

Technical Difference in Facial Surgery for Men

Men tend to have more bleeding during surgery then women. This is due to the fact that they more extensive facial hair with follicles resulting in more vascularity under the skin than women. They also have thicker skin, stronger ligament structure, and bulkier facial muscle which need to be handled and tightened during the surgery. Location of incisions will be modified in men, particularly around the ear or hair line to ensure that the incision sites are inconspicuous.

SMAS Graft.

During Face/Neck Lift, a segment of muscular tissue called, SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), becomes available. Unlike, fat grafting which is more effective for restoring volume in pre-existing compartments, such as cheeks or temples, SMAS which consists of muscular-aponeurotic tissue is more suitable for linear structures. This tissue can be used to augment other sites of face for further improvement. Commonly SMAS can be transferred to volumize lips, or improve deep marionette lines at the corners of mouth.

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