Information About Plastic Surgery Procedures

Facial Surgery


For a proven surgical technique for a younger face and neck, choose a natural facelift at Natural Face Clinics in Syracuse or Rochester, NY.

Neck Lift

Regain your youthful neck contour by eliminating excess fat and tightening loose skin with a neck lift.

Mini Face Lift

Focused face lift aimed for patients seeking subtle and natural improvements to aging changes of face and neck.


Achieve a youthful, natural, and rested appearance by surgically improving the loose skin surrounding the eyelids with a blepharoplasty.

Brow Lift

Say goodbye to heavy brows and embrace a more youthful appearance. Revitalize your look with a brow lift.


Gain confidence with otoplasty, a cosmetic ear surgery that corrects prominent ears, ear protrusion, and oversized ears to achieve facial balance.

Neck Liposculpt

Refine your jawline and enhance your neck contour with neck liposculpt, combining liposuction and surgical fat trimming for natural-looking results.

Facial Fat Transfer

Refresh your look, saying goodbye to a hollowed and tired appearance with facial fat grafting at Natural Face Clinics in Syracuse or Rochester, NY.

Chin Implant

Strengthen a receding or weak chin, contour the jaw, and improve your facial features with a chin implant at Natural Face Clinic.

Cheek Implants

Restore midfacial volume loss or enhance cheek definition with cheek implants at Natural Face Clinics.

Facial Surgery for Men

Achieve a more confident, refreshed appearance through men's facial surgery designed to enhance masculine features.
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