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Chin augmentation, or chin implant, is a procedure performed to improve the definition, contour, and projection of the lower face. Patients often notice that their lower face and jawline are flattened or short compared to the rest of their face. Some patients may be seeking more oval shape to their chin and lower face, while others may be seeking stronger, square-shaped chin and lower face. From profile view, patients may notice that under-developed chin may appear recessed. Chin projection also influences the appearance of the neck and nose, as ideal aesthetics of the side profile of face and neck are perceived through balance or imbalance in proportion of each of the structures.

While some patients may consider non-surgical filler as an option to achieve changes, generally the changes seen from non-surgical fillers for bony structure such as chin may not be adequately visible.


Chin implant procedure can be performed as a stand alone procedure under local anesthesia only, or with twilight sedation. Procedure takes under one hour, and it is performed at our accredited AAAHC certified office based surgery facility.

A small curvilinear incision is made under the chin, most often following an existing crease line. Implant is positioned snuggly in the site as marked. Size, shape, and orientation of the implant will influence the outcome and changes in contour of chin that patients are seeking.

Our implants are made of safe, inert, soft, silastic material which is shaped to hug the contour of the chin bone. This type of material has been used in the medical field extensively for a few decades and shown to be reliable and safe in the long term. After the procedure is done, tight pressure tape is placed around the chin. Patients are scheduled for 1 week follow up for removal of sutures.


Most patients experience mild discomfort following chin implant. Some patients may experience some numbness around the chin or lower lip, but sensation will return over time. We recommend that pressure tape remain dry to ensure it stays for a week. If it is removed prior to 1 week, the patient should apply elastic bandage to apply pressure as instructed. Following the chin implant procedure, the body will create a fibrous capsule to wrap around the implant and integrate with the surrounding soft tissue. Once this healing process has taken place, the implant is now highly secure and displacement risk is unlikely. However, during the healing process which can take 6-8 weeks, patients are expected to avoid any activities that could risk physical trauma or pressure to the site of implant.


Particularly from profile view, projection and shape of chin affects projection and shape of the nose, and appearance of the neck. For example, patients with obtuse neck angle who are seeking a more defined neck angle may elect for chin implant in conjunction with face/neck lift, or neck liposculpt. Same incision site will allow chin implant to be performed at the same time as neck liposculpt.

Sometimes, patients with prominently over-projected nose or large hump may notice that underdeveloped chin will further amply the appearance of their large nose. While overprojected nasal tip or hump would be improved with rhinoplasty, correction of under-developed / recessed chin will synergistically improve the overall aesthetics and balanced proportion of the face.

Very happy with my Rhinoplasty - I was very fortunate that I chose Dr Kim to perform a rhinoplasty and chin implant on me, I loved my results already and it's only 3 weeks since the surgery. Dr Kim and staff are professional, he explained everything to me before the surgery and he made sure that I'm comfortable. I referred my sister to him for a rhinoplasty as I was pretty sure that she is in good hands.

N. RealSelf

Incredible results for my procedures! - I’ve had an amazing experience with Dr. Kim. I chose him for my surgery after reasearching on the procedures I wanted done for years. His results always look natural and beautiful and he is very nice and personable, something that is important to me. I had a rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and chin implant done in the same surgery, I felt safe and cared for during the entire process. It’s been about a month since my surgery and I’m healing very well (I followed all the post care instructions given to me) and I am extremely happy with my results already. My face looks natural but the difference is definitely clear. My very hooded eyes are no more and I look a lot more lively and awake at all times. My nose still looks like my nose, but smaller and more delicate (exactly what I asked for) and I feel like I can breathe better from one of my nostrils (even though my surgery was for cosmetic purposes). My chin adds balance to my face in a way I didn’t even think it could. It especially makes my profile look incredible! All of the nurses and staff were also very friendly and nice and I am 100% sure I made the right decision choosing Dr. Kim. He is an artist!

S.S. RealSelf


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