How Effective is Neck Lift Surgery in Improving Signs of Aging?

By: Dr. Sang W. Kim


Experience a transformation with neck lift surgery at Natural Face Clinic in Syracuse and Rochester, NY, where our mission is natural-looking results. Led by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim, our clinic excels in advanced neck lift procedures tailored to each individual's unique needs.

What varieties of neck lift surgery does Natural Face Clinic offer? 

Dr. Kim offers a range of neck lift options, including the specialized direct submentoplasty technique. This method targets excess skin and fat exclusively in the neck and beneath the chin, refining this area without impacting the jawline or lower face laxity. 

How is neck lift surgery performed? 

Performed with precision and care, neck lift surgery involves several steps.

  • Anesthesia: To ensure a comfortable experience from start to finish. 
  • Incisions: A strategic "Z" pattern incision at the front of the neck, which may be visible post-surgery. 
  • Muscle and fat adjustment: Tightening of neck muscles and strategic removal or reshaping of fat. 
  • Skin refinement: Careful removal of excess skin. 

The aim is a subtly rejuvenated neck that complements your overall natural appearance.

How can a neck lift renew my appearance?  

  • Minimizing saggy skin: Tightening and removing excess skin gets rid of the "turkey neck" look, common with aging. 
  • Sculpting the neck: While direct submentoplasty doesn't reshape the jawline or address lower face laxity, it meticulously refines the neck, offering a slimmer, more youthful profile. 
  • Reducing fat deposits: The removal of fat from under the chin and neck area lessens the appearance of a double chin. 
  • Smoothing the neck: Adjusting neck muscles and skin reduces wrinkles and creases, leading to a smoother neck. 

These improvements foster a rejuvenated self-image.

Who is a candidate for a neck lift? 

Direct submentoplasty, focusing solely on the neck area, offers a streamlined and less invasive option compared to comprehensive face/neck lift surgeries. This makes it an attractive choice for many men seeking to address concerns specifically within the neck region, such as a pronounced heaviness or excess skin. The strategic placement of incisions are typically hidden beneath the chin, a location easily concealed by facial hair or a beard, providing a natural camouflage and a discreet yet effective enhancement of their neck profile. 

Discover the rejuvenating effects of a neck lift in Syracuse, NY 

Discover the transformative effects of a neck lift at Natural Face Clinic. Dr. Kim specializes in creating natural-looking results tailored to your needs. Schedule your consultation at Natural Face Clinics in Syracuse or Rochester, NY, today and embark on your journey to renewed confidence.

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