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What is Scar Revision?

Scar revision surgery aims to improve the appearance of the scar. Scar forms from injury or past surgery, and depending on the treatment, location, size, orientation/shape, and patient’s skin type, it can be raised, depressed, discolored, and/or cause symptoms.

There are many treatment options depending on the type, degree, and timeline of when the injury or the past surgery caused the scar.

What are the types of scars on the face, head, and neck?

Scar can be categorized into several types which will dictate treatment plans. Hypertrophic scar refers to raised, thick nodular scar with associated symptoms such as tenderness or itchiness. It can also present with discoloration (darker or lighter in color).

Contrast to that, the keloid scar refers to a raised, thick nodular scar which extends beyond the edges of the initial wound. It can develop into a firm “ball” of scar nodules. Most frequent area of keloid is the ear from past history of piercing.

Discoloration or surface irregularity, presents as ice-pick type pits or slight nodules on the surface of skin. Most commonly, patients with severe acne scar, pox, or burn injury can present with these types of scar. Expectation management is very important. To achieve final optimal outcome, it will take some time and will require multiple treatments, sometimes involving multiple different types of treatments.

Treatment options for scar revision

For hypertrophic scar, if it is recent it may still respond with a series of steroid injections followed by silicone sheet therapy. If the size, location, and orientation of the hypertrophic scar are not optimal, we may recommend surgical scar revision to reorient and better approximate the scar, followed by other adjuvant treatments.

Keloid scar almost always requires some form of excision prior to close follow up to prevent recurrence of keloid through steroid injections.

For surface irregularity scar, we may consider dermal filler treatment in conjunction with skin resurfacing treatment. Deep ice pick or depressed scar will respond with hyaluronic acid dermal filler, particularly if performed through subcision technique. Likely multiple treatments over the course of several months may be necessary to achieve optimal outcome. Fractionated laser resurfacing can be used in conjunction for further improvement of the surface irregularity.

Most importantly, expectation of outcome and patience are very important factors to consider for the patients. We hope for scars to vanish as fast as possible, but that is unlikely. It will involve time and patience for your skin to restore and repair itself as we use many different tools available to improve the appearance of the scar as much as possible.

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