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What is Skin Lesion Removal?

When you analyze your skin, you might observe little growths or areas that appear different than the surrounding skin. These are known as skin lesions, which might develop anywhere on your skin. You may want a lesion removed if it's irritating, painful, or unattractive. Although most skin lesions are harmless and noncancerous, a lesion that changes over time may need to be biopsied to check for cancer. If you have a skin lesion you'd like examined or removed, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sang Kim. Most lesions can be removed in one of our therapy rooms at Natural Face Clinic in Syracuse, NY.

Removal Options for Your Lesions

Depending on the type of lesion being removed, there are lots of treatments. An excision may be recommended by Dr. Kim, which entails cutting the lesion out, along with some skin and tissue surrounding it. This is frequently done for moles, cysts, or other types of lesions that may be precancerous or cancerous. Sutures (stitches) will likely be required. Typically, a healing ointment is applied. The skin heals within a week or two. Superficial lesions may also be removed with a surgical blade that shaves away the mark. Dr. Kim may also recommend laser treatments, oral drugs, or topical lotions to minimize symptoms or the visibility of skin lesions.

Remove Unwanted Lesions

Almost every person has a skin lesion they'd like to see gone. While most lesions do not require treatment (unless they start to bleed, itch, become inflamed, or are believed to be cancerous), you might want it removed because you don't like how it looks. Dr. Kim will offer a full assessment of your lesion(s) and discuss treatment options. Contact Natural Face Clinic to find out more about skin lesion removal or to schedule a consultation.

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