Can a Chin Implant Improve Your Overall Facial Harmony? Yes!

By: Dr. Sang W. Kim


Chin implants are gaining popularity among plastic surgery patients. One of the top concerns is how the devices may affect a patient’s smile. Augmentation to the face has localized effects, such as giving a person a more pronounced chin and defined profile in relation to nasal projection, but may also affect other factors, such as facial harmony and lip shape and position.

Considerations for Proper Chin Implant Positioning

The surgical plan for chin implant surgery should consider the individual anatomy of the patient, such as:

  • Width and depth of the labiodental fold, which is the section of tissue that begins at the lower edge of the bottom lip and extends to the indentation at the beginning of the chi
  • Vertical height and width of the chin

These factors are considered during the physical examination of the patient and should be included in discussions about the outcomes of chin implant surgery.

Understanding the Outcomes of Chin Implant Surgery

All surgery carries risk, but the skill and experience of the surgeon are key to successful chin implant surgery and the alleviation of potential complications. Patients who are considering chin implants should research the surgeon’s expertise, training, and education. Plastic surgeons who specialize in facial procedures are more likely to have the extensive experience that is needed for chin implants.

Many plastic surgeons offer before and after photos of their work. Patients who are considering chin implants should assess more than the chin area. Facial harmony and changes to the mouth area should be evaluated with frontal and profile views of the images.

The plastic surgeon should provide a thorough explanation of how the implants will change appropriate aspects of the face, chin, and mouth area. Patients should inquire about any concerns, including how the procedure may affect the smile and other functions, such as eating and talking. This exchange allows patients to make an informed decision and allows the plastic surgeon to better assess the appropriateness of the procedure.

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